In every case and under every circumstance my methodology is grounded in handling matters with a modular case by case approach.

Not only are there decisions to be made in ways of thinking but in the process itself many mistakes can be made that lead to bad decisions.

Through many years of professional experience in varied areas of responsibility as well as through services performed for various clients, an effective approach with regard to difficult decision making has emerged for me.

This approach when making far-reaching choices, especially when a professional decision is necessary makes sure that

  • The facts of the case are considered for themselves, before information from other parties is examined
  • all information and data relevant to the decision are included
  • the facts leading to the decision are always discussed in their several and various aspects
  • well-directed alternative positions are considered
  • necessary alternatives to the decision are clearly worked out and all cost and other needful factors are weighed up and considered

This strategically and operationally standardized approach offers a combination of rational, emotional and intuitive factors and thus meet the requirements for a trustworthy and sustainable decision-making process.

A modular case by case approach - a sucessful combination of rational, emotional and intuitive factors.