Services related to cross-border residential moves and change towards self-employment.

Supporting clients in this sector is aimed at preparing workable decisions and a functioning transfer.

In order to work out a relevant basis for making decisions as well as plausible proposals for a RESIDENTIAL MOVE, I ask myself the following questions:

  • Are employer’s contributions in the new country comparable with your present ones? 
  • Even if your salary package looks better on paper: is your purchasing power actually going to increase?
  • Does suitable childcare provision exist, in order for both parents to work?
  • Can you provide your children with a better or at least an education of equal quality?
  • Which tax aspects have to be taken into consideration when doing a cross-border residential move? 

In order to work out a relevant basis for making decisions concerning a CHANGE towards SELF-EMPLOYMENT, I ask myself the following questions:

  • Which legal status fits best to your business idea, with the according impact on
    financial and tax requirements?  
  • If it is better to maintain your financial accounting/planning on your own and if yes how?

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Living in Switzerland: the most important to think about

Upon graduation, a young German lady finds a position as a teacher in Switzerland. Shortly after moving to Switzerland and receiving her first paychecks, she comes to some realizations regarding finances and taxes. First, she is receiving a regular income for the first time in her life. Second, she is living away from home. Within a one-hour session,

I was able to explain to her the most important factors about the Swiss pension system, the relevant information about source taxes (Quellensteuer) and also provided her some recommendations on how she can save in the next few years for a later investment.


Be your own accountant and safe money

A housewife and mother of 2 children decided to make her hobby into a career and started a catering company. She delivers warm food to employees at their place of work. The company was doing well, so shortly thereafter, she turned the company into a Gmbh (limited liability company). In order to maintain the overview over her finances, she decided to manage the bookkeeping herself. The bookkeeping system, Banana, is easy for amateurs to also use.

Nevertheless, she had questions, such as about the double-accounting system and the taxation requirements of certain company expenses. In a 2-hour consultation I was able to clarify her questions so that she is now able to use Banana to generate the necessary documents, including a balance sheet, which are required for taxes.